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Visualize your trip simply, at a glance

Whether in the form of a calendar or map, you can quickly see your entire trip on a single interface. For an ultra-simplified organization…!

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Organize your trip in just a few clicks
with these many features

Future features

Self-generated transports suggestions

Easily book transportation, with the automatic generation of one or more eco-responsible itineraries to get to your destination.

Future features

100% customizable planner

Want to personalize the trip to your liking? Manually add all types of activities, accommodation or transport of your choice.

Future features

…lots of other features to come!

Patience, lots of features are planned and still to come to make organizing your eco-responsible trip even easier! 😊

Access and complete your trip for free, wherever you are

The app is available on Android and iOS, ready to download. Start creating your next eco-friendly adventure for free. 🌿

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Leafty, the app to organize your trip

🙋 How does this travel planner work?

Leafty aims to guide you and help you plan an eco-friendly trip. To do this, the app indicates suggested destinations based on your geographic position, as well as the length of the desired stay.

It is also possible to generate a trip of your choice, and Leafty will try to offer one or more eco-responsible itineraries (while indicating the stopping opportunities to discover). Travel is, by far, the most polluting aspect of a trip depending on the mode of transport chosen (car, plane, cruise ship, etc.).

Once the destination has been chosen and the route selected, it is then possible to organize and personalize your trip 100%, by adding activities manually. But also by taking advantage of the stops to discover new destinations!

For simplified organization, Leafty also offers multiple environmentally friendly activities. Or, housing respecting sustainable practices when possible among our partners.

🌿 Why choose eco-friendly travel?

You should know that according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), tourism represents around 8%* of greenhouse gas emissions. There are therefore a thousand and one reasons to want to travel ecologically.

Whether it is to act for the protection of the environment, or at least, to avoid deteriorating the climate… but also sometimes, to experience an extraordinary adventure by taking the time to discover each stage of your itinerary, by building social bonds and observing the beauty of the landscapes that surround us.

But do you still need to know : how to travel in an eco-responsible way?

If this can reassure you, it is possible to achieve any type of trip, adapted according to your situation and desires.

To do this, you must carefully select each stage of your trip:

  • Transport: Opt for low-carbon or carbon-neutral transport (train, bike, on foot, sailboat, etc.)
    😌 We are lucky to be able to move so quickly and effortlessly. Each trip has its importance, but also its carbon impact.
  • Activities: Avoid polluting activities (4x4, motorboat, jet ski, etc. )
  • Restaurants: The exception is the one we appreciate the most 🥰 it's good to treat yourself, but reduce meat and fish as soon as possible.
  • Housing: Opt for housing that is committed to the environment (e.g. insulated, ecological heating system such as heat pump, etc.)

Still not convinced? Don’t hesitate to take a look at the blog to learn more about the climate! We will try to produce quite a few articles on the subject over time.

* Report on climate action in tourism (UNWTO)